You do not have to be a member to buy wines from MaxiVinos.  However we have a range of MaxiMember wines that we have been able to provide at a discount to the lowest available online price and you can only avail of these discounts if you become a member.  Our non membership wine prices are still incredibly competitive and are available to anyone!

HOW IT WORKS: We are currently open for new members and it is easy and free!

Step 1 – Go to the Accounts section and register with an email.

Step 2 – Click on the link provided in the confirmation email and enter your full name in the Accounts section. You can also at this point let us know who referred you to our little club!

Step 3 – Nothing for you to do! MaxiVinos will then activate your MaxiMembers Classic membership automatically on login.

You will be able to check your membership status in the Accounts section.  With this membership you can see our MaxiVino “Special Offers” fantastic unbeatable discounts.

MaxiVinos goal is to consistently deliver wines with a broad appeal that are perfect for any wine lover at prices that should raise an eyebrow! Christian and Carl source wine from the vineyards and winemakers around the world making sure that limited-production, estate-bottled wines from the world’s best vineyards are shipped straight to your door.  But our goal does not stop there.  We want to deliver wine for any occasion at a value that is hard to match.  The way we source our wines, through international auctions, en primeur and bin ends limits the volumes that we can work with.  Christian and Carl have always sought to find quality wine at great price for themselves and close friends and family.  Our aim is to pass that value onto other wine lovers.  From what was once a hobby for us has now turned into a growing business.  Our strategy is simple and is two tiered.  Following on from feedback received from our friends and family we have set up 2 types of membership.

The first one is the MaxiMembers Classic with a limited numbers of members in the UK and in Germany. No membership fees however with the only caveat being that your membership and access to our wines is deactivated if no order is placed within 4 months of your last order.  This ensures that people on the waiting list will have a chance to join the club and access the membership wines and discounted prices.

The second type of membership, MaxiMembers Quarterly, is a subscription based solution, where members sign up to receive either 6 or 12 bottles of their choice or they let us decide for them which wines will arrive on their doorstep every 3 months.  This has become the preferred method for the majority of our current clients as they have become to trust our recommendations over time.

Choose from one of 2 subscription options;


12 Bottles

  • 12 bottles per shipment every quarter
  • 20% to 30% or more off all wine orders
  • Exclusive club-only wine releases
  • Free Shipping


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6 Bottles

  • 6 bottles per shipment every quarter
  • 20% to 30% or more off all wine orders
  • Exclusive club-only wine releases
  • Shipping not included


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Shipments will go out on the second Monday of each month.


If we can assist you with your selection or membership, please contact us by calling or emailing;

UK Clients please call Christian on +44 (7990) 560660

German Clients please call Carl on +49 (176) 3467 2220

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